The Argyll Exhibition

Posted by Kirsten Gow on Feb 7, 2018

A juried exhibition of work by Argyll artists and makers to showcase the creative talent of the region and provide opportunities for professional development and sales. Submissions could be on a specific theme, such as an aspect of Argyll's heritage.

In order to gain maximum exposure this should probably be held in a more populous / accessible location within Argyll, though options for widening access could be looked at - an online interpretation of the exhibition; all or part of the exhibition touring; a touring photo exhibit of the exhibition; gaining funding for people in more remote areas to visit; etc.

The exhibition could be further toured to national and international showcases to promot Argyll, both as a creative / culturally rich place and also as holiday destination. If it's not possible to tour the full exhibition, a 'top 5' can be selected (possibly with one being a 'people's choice') .

Option to repeat ever 2 years if successful.

Some revenue can be generated via commission

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Daniel MacIntyre

Great idea Kirsten, I've got a very large venue in Oban, that has been rebranded' The View' It would be perfect for this type of initiative. Please feel free to get in touch.

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Robin Patel

Great idea. Could this be developed with a collaborative approach to the £500 challenge?

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