Instagram collaboration - #Creative Argyll

Posted by Kirsten Gow on Apr 15, 2018

Studies show the most engaging social media accounts are ones which don't just 'broadcast' your own stuff but also share other people's posts. Soc Med is, after all, supposed to be about sharing & connecting.

So I've decided to share an instagram post from another maker/artist/creative type from A&B I admire once a weekish. Not only is this fun to do it's actually good for both 'brands' - if you tag them and talk about why you like their work the instagram algorythmns (apparently) see this as a more 'engaged' activity than a faily passive 'like' & it helps boost both profiles up the rankings.

I'm going to continue doing this myself, but thought I'd share it here incase anyone else was interested in taking part. If you do, I'd suggest using the hashtag #CreativeArgyll so we can see what everyone is posting.

I use the regram app but there are others or you can take a screen shot on your phone & repost the image as long as you credit the OP

Open to anyone with an instagram account - possible extension to FB and Twitter

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Sarah Frood

Great idea and a good way to keep an eye on what your fellow creatives are up to .

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