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Having always been enthralled by the wild Earth I have attuned my skills to be able to support others in accessing and appreciating the curiosities of nature. My practise began as a gardener, encouraging and inspiring folk to grow their own organic food and herbs. I have developed my animal husbandry skills and tended land on diverse rural projects, in a variety of locales and climates; ever aspiring to be a crofter. I have since built upon my facilitation skills as an Outdoor Environmental Educator, exploring ancient skills, therapeutic gardening, herbal medicine, bee-tending and folklore.

Through my undergraduate degree in Zoology I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel and participate in conservation work, wherein I recognised the fundamental need to work with challenging the human behaviour propelling the environmental destruction, and returned to my Motherland to work within education.

Sectors: Arts, Culture, Heritage, Environmental Education

Disciplines: Education

Closest hub: Oban and Lorn Hub


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