Scottish Artists Union: Writing Skills For Artists

Posted by Alexandra McEwan on Nov 2, 2018

Saturday 8th December 2018, Inverness (venue tbc)

Learn to adapt the way you express your practice across many different contexts and purposes from strategic writing for funding applications and exhibition proposals, to the more imaginative writing for artist statements and idea-based texts.

This one-day course acknowledges the shifting purpose, materiality and application of written material and will teach strategies to navigate and adapt to this. The course will be delivered by arts writer and journalism lecturer Moira Jeffrey and arts and fiction writer Nicola White.

Moira Jeffrey is an independent writer working on books and essays with a focus on contemporary art practice. She has written extensively about Scottish art for national newspapers, magazines, periodicals such as The Guardian, The Scotsman, Axisweb, and many more. In 2017, she joined the Scottish Contemporary Art Network she also lectures in arts and feature journalism.

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