Evaluation Scotland : Case Study Guidelines

Posted by Alexandra McEwan on Mar 7, 2019

This website is a goldmine of information and practical advice for the third sector! If you do not already know it put it on your reading list and ensure you take a look.
"Evaluation can help you to work out what difference you are making through your services or activities. Evaluation Support Guide 1.1 helps you to clarify your aims, outcomes and activities and Support Guide 2.1 helps you to use indicators to measure your progress.
This guide shows how case studies can help to bring your work alive.
They can help funders to see that their funding is having a positive effect. They can also show potential service users how your project could benefit them. However, it is not always easy to write a good case study! This guide offers some ideas."


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Alexandra McEwan

You got the funding, you ran the project, you learned a lot....
Now the time for evaluation. Often a time consuming job just when you are keen to get onto the next project and start the cycle again! Practical help is at hand on this website. Don't forget to include blogspots, short films, the voice of the participants, images digital and hadn't made, soundbites or audio clips. Or even better get the participants to take the lead in the evaluation too. Collaborative evaluation - a win/win! All of the above make for interesting reading, demonstrate creative approaches and make really valuable reflective documentation for the next funding application! Would love to showcase some examples of cracking evaluation docs for some peer leaning within Argyll - get in touch!

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